Home Brew Kombucha Kit

Now you can make New Zealand's best kombucha at home!

For the first time we are offering up our kombucha culture to the home brewer - we haven't even given any of this to our mates before.

We'll send you the essentials to get a delicious kombucha brew happening, including equipment and ingredients we use to make the good stuff - enough to make over 10 litres. You will also get a recipe with some key principles, and as a brew kit holder you can reach out to Richie the BrewMaster on the home-brew hotline. 


1 x Glass Jar
2 x Jar Cover
1 x Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bag  
1 x Batchwell SCOBY 
Batchwell organic tea blend for 3 x 3.5L batches, plus a few cuppas on the side. 
Organic sugar for 3 x 3.5L batches 
Kombucha starter liquid
1 x recipe card
Access to the 'home-brew hotline' 
What you'll need at home: Kettle or stove + pot to heat water, teaspoon, tablespoon, measuring jug (or a cup will do), self belief and a good attitude #bekind   


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