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Kombucha Keg Batchwell Pineapple Ginger 20 Litre and 30 Litre

Batchwell Kombucha Keg Kombucha on Tap

Batchwell Kombucha Keg Pineapple Ginger 20 Litre and 50 Litre

Batchwell's award winning Kombucha is on tap! Here is what you need to know about our Kombucha Keg.

What are the benefits of tap? Taste – fresh and delicious. Kombucha tastes best out of a glass. It is great over ice, as a mixer, or on its own.
Sustainability – all kegs are returned to Batchwell and reused at least
50 times (none have been taken out of use to date), reducing bottles,
labels, caps, and cartons significantly.

We have four constant flavour's, and regularly run keg only specials &
seasonals. Recent examples have been Angelino Plum, and Hopped
• Pineapple & Ginger
• Beetroot
• Braeburn Apple
• Earl Grey

All keg and dispense equipment provided by Batchwell on an ongoing loan basis. Equipment ownership is retained by Batchwell and is supplied on the provision that Batchwell kombucha is poured exclusively from the

Batchwell Kombucha Keg Kombucha on Tap